Our Farm

We've been raising Whitetail Deer for over 20 years.  We are a small farm, producing about 25 fawns per year, all of which are bottle fed.  We have two breeding pens and a buck pen where we keep all of our young bucks. 

Hunziker Deer Farm

The whole family takes part in caring for our Deer.  As you can see in the photos below, when it comes to feeding time, everyone pitches in.  We've really enjoyed all the interesting people that we've met while raising Deer, have learned a lot from others and even passed on information to those just starting out.

These are really fascinating animals to raise!  They change their appearance twice a year from a red coat in the summer to brown in the fall.  We save the sheds from all our bucks every year and have quite a stock pile, not counting all the racks from hunting trips!

Now taking orders for 2013 fawns!


Come visit us when we are on location.


We often take the fawns to events for pictures and to educate the pubic. You, your children and friends will love having our tame deer come up to you and feed directly from your hand!


While we are on location, you can pet the animals, get your photos taken with them. Not only at Christmas, which is our busiest time, but throughout the year we take the fawns out to interact with children.


Check back here for a schedule of where we will be.