Helpful Hints

Crossing a Main Path Well Traveled by Deer


Method 1.  Dribble a trail of scent on the way to your stand using our convenient flip top bottle or a scent drag.  This process should use about one quarter of the bottle.


Method 2.  Using our hooked scent pads, thoroughly soak them with scent then hang them from a branch about 15 yards from your stand in a clear shooting lane.  This process should use about one third of the bottle.


Method 3.  For the hunter who regularly hunts the same stand - make a mock scrape with in your shooting lane by clearing a spot on the ground using rubber boots or rubber gloves.  Brush away all leaves, etc.  Pour one quarter of the bottle in that spot every time you go to your stand.  Repeat this process for about a week.  While this method takes a little longer, you will find that it is worth the wait...


To Prolong The Life of Our Products


Please keep in a cool dark place - preferably refrigerated. Always squeeze any remaining air out of the bottle and tightly replace cap.


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