I just wanted to send you a few stories to let you know how well you're Hot Doe Pee worked for me.

I've used Tinks, Code Blue, and Golden Estrous in the past, all with some success. However, none of them came close to the reaction I got from these deer. On 20" 8 pointer stopped, put his nose in the air and made the estrous clicking call and came straight into my scent line. I only wish I had it all on film for you.

I've hunted whitetails hard for 35 years, and it's rare you find a product that gives you a distinct edge in this game. Calls come and go, but deer soon become wise to them. A subtle approach such as scents provides a more lasting alternative.

I've already passed your e-mail address on to a dozen hunters, and will likely continue to do so. Not only is your product better than any of the store shelf scents, but is costs one quarter as much. It allows you to use the scent in quantities that will work. Thanks again for a great product.

Dale Carmichael




I bought two bottles of Hot Doe about two weeks ago.  Used up one bottle the next three days.  First time I used it, I dribbled a trail on my walk in and then put down a little puddle in one of my shooting lanes.  I only saw five does that day, but they all went to my puddle to sniff.  That afternoon, I decided to hunt a fresh scrape.  I did the same thing that I did in the morning.  Trail on my way in....puddle in my shooting lane.  Only saw one deer that night, but it was a nice buck.  He followed the trail I laid, right to the puddle.  He stood there sniffing, then headed toward the scrape.  I took a shot, but misjudged the distance and missed high. 

A couple of days later, I hunted that same scrape. Again, the nice buck came and smelled the trail I had put down.  This time, he didn't offer me a shot.  Saturday, Nov 15 the deer were crazy.  I saw deer all morning and had numerous does and bucks in range, but not the one I was looking for.  I decided to hunt a different hillside for the afternoon.  Again, I put down a trail and a nice puddle straight infront of my stand.

I saw about 15 deer that afternoon and I'd say 12 of them stopped to check out the Hot Doe scent.  Bucks and does alike.  At four o'clock, an 8 pointer came in.  He wasn't the monster I was looking for, but he was standing next to a six pointer and I could tell he was a big bodied deer.  I decided to take him.  He walked over to my puddle and as he was standing there, quatering away, smelling the puddle.....I let my arrow fly.  It hit him in the right spot and after a long tracking job that ended the next morning...I found him!  Here's a pic! 

Thanks for the Hot Doe scent and I will definately be a returning customer next year! Chip Paddock





Ernie, at Sportsman's Paradise, suggested I send you this picture. This is the buck I shot on Thanksgiving morning this year using your doe estrus. This buck won the big buck contest at Sportsmen’s Paradise. It weighed in at #200, dressed, 26hrs after I shot it as Sportsman's Paradise was not open on Thanksgiving Day.

Using another brand of estrus, I saw many bucks earlier in the season but had no shots at big ones.

On the Saturday before I stopped into sportsmen’s Paradise to pick up some doe estrus, your brand, as I didn't want top drive all the way to the south end of Peoria that weekend. This was the first hunt I used your product! Keep up the fine work in producing a quality product at a reasonable price. - Ed Smith







I had purchased your Doe Scent at noon from Pekin Bass and Bow.  I returned
To my deer-stand on my brother's farm for the afternoon hunt.  This old
Boy came walking in at 3:20pm, rubbed a tree 30 yards from my stand, and
Then starting walking towards the area where I applied the doe scent.  He
Was definitely intrigued by the aroma.  He gave me a 20 yard broadside
Shot, and only ran 30 yards before he crashed.  He field dressed at 225
Pounds, and soon will be on the wall for me to enjoy for many years to

Thank you for helping me to get a "My largest buck". This is my largest
Buck in 10 years of hunting. Daniel D. Hoeft








Dear Hunziker Family,

I ordered my Hot Doe Scent today for the third consecutive year. Opening day of the 2003 Wisconsin Gun Hunting season resulted in this 11 point (143 1/2 scored), 5 1/2 year old buck.


Opening morning I dragged a scent into my stand while placing three drip wafers around me. After a long morning I felt the wind change had me in an unfavorable position. I elected to leave that stand and set up in another for the afternoon. Using the same tactics (drag a lure behind me, place several scents nearby) I was surprised to see this buck emerge at half sneak only 85 yards from my stand. He turned broadside, nostrils flared offering a perfect shot at the largest deer of my life.


Walking past my orginal stand the second morning, I was astounded to see a huge, fresh rub nearby a tree I had hung one of my drips onto. I am hoping he shows up during daylight hours this season!


Sincerly, PJT









Dear Hunzikers,

I purchased Doe scent from you at Hunting and Fishing Days at Silver Springs State Park. This is a buck I shot with my bow on October 3rd, 2004. I saw him last year and never got him close enough, but this year I used your product and it helped to bring him in. Here are the photos from my kill.




Douglas McCoy

Yorkville, IL










I took this deer with your doe scent oct. 8th


He came out to a clover field and he saw Does at one end but came to me at the other The scent made him drop his from shoulder to the ground and spin around three times then he came in for a 23 yard shot I would not have taken this deer with out your doe scent


Thank You!!!!!!!


Lee Lushina

Washington, IL.














I wanted to write you to tell you how well your doe urine worked for me. I have attached a photo of the 13 point buck I shot on opening day of shotgun season. I poured some on the ground around my stand and the buck walked right to it. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Josh Yoder


Eureka, IL



















Dear Hunziker’s,


At the National Hunting and Fishing days outing at Silver Springs, I ordered a bottle of Hot Doe to be sent express mail just before Illinois shotgun season. It arrived November 18th 2003 right on time for use on Friday November 21st.


By 7:30 am Friday morning I had this beautiful 10 point buck thanks in part to your Hot Doe scent. I have a ground blind in a large drainage ditch with trees and rising slopes on each side. In the last three years I have cut three shooting lanes on the other side. Across from my blind where there is a heavily used deer trail.


About 7:30 I looked up and spotted a doe walking along the trail with her head kind of down. Immediately I thought there has to be a buck behind her. This buck was about 10 yards behind her, walking along at a good pace. He walked right through the first shooting lane but when he hit the second one he stopped on a dime and turned right towards me.


I had walked in with a drag rag attached to my boot, when I got straight across from my blind I hung it on a branch about 4 feet off the ground. A good northeast wind was blowing the scent right up to the deer trail. SEASON OVER. Thanks for the good product and timely service.


Yours truly

George Holland


P.S. this buck is being mounted




Nov 11, 2003