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Our animal friendly facilities help create a stress-free environment for urine collection. Stainless steel flooring helps ensure sanitary conditions, so you know you are getting fresh, clean urine. Our scent products are 100% natural - No additives or preservatives are added. We collect fresh daily from our farm. We've been raising whitetail deer for over 20 years and come from a family of avid hunters, so we know what a difference using 100% pure urine makes. Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our animals, which in turn helps us provide you with a top quality product. Our animals go calmly into the stalls on their own; they are not forced. We believe that forcing them could create a nervous and fearful animal, which can then be passed into their urine. That's why we have worked so hard to create a stress-free environment and are able to provide you with a product that works!

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